The current Development team+ Depressing picture of download speed

1: Alinah Mirza this picture of a Poker  is one of my development team's most important member's  identity. She told me not to give out any personal information so all I can tell you she wrote the Story for the game and that she will also assist me in designing the levels of the game and of course the interface itself.

2: Me

I cannot provide much Other than the fact that I am a Youtuber, Wattpad writer, History Geek, Millitary enthusiast and Hardcore gamer from the days Graphics looked like shit. P.S  I know there's not point of me saying this but there is a 20 % chance that PEWDIEPIE himself will be joining our development team and 40% chance Mr Nightmare ( ANOTHER YOUTUBER) may join our team. They will both help with the Voice acting part ( I emailed them ). I have to say I am really happy where this Project is going. And by the way I will upload some concept art soon

as for the  current status of the download of Unity engine.. Here's an  deppressing picture of the Download assistant for now.

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